« THE » rescue operation of 2022…and possibly of our organization’s entire existence

** WARNING: The following message contains images that may be disturbing to some readers **

Chiots Nordiques was called for an emergency rescue of about 50 dogs from the Naskapi community of Kawawachikamach in order to avoid a visit from the dog killer. Yes…. A massive firearm killing operation! To avoid the death of those collarless dogs, we need to mobilize. The community is waiting for us to help find another solution to the current situation, consisting of a human and ethical transfer of the roaming dogs. The rescue will be next january 2022.

To avoid massive killings, we must mobilize funds like we never did before, as this community is only accessible by train or by plane. Transportation by train being impossible for all those dogs, a charter flight is our only option.

We are ready to take on this adventure if we complete our total budget! This is what we need you for.

The rescue operation, by itself, means:

Material transport : 1250 $

Transportation for volunteers to the community – one-way tickets : 9807,25 $

Transportation for dogs from the community : 45 000 $

Emergency medication, vaccination et deworming treatments before the transfer : 1576,28 $

Transportation for dogs to SPA/SPCA and partnering shelters : 2500 $

The grand total is astronomical for us ($ 60 133,53), but who would accept to leave those dogs behind? This option is impossible for us to consider!

Thanks to our appreciated financial partners (Humane Society International – Canada, PetSmart and Services Naskapi Adoschaouna enr.) and to the financial help and support from communities while we organize this operation, we would be ready to leave in a few weeks. Right now, we are $35 000 short for our final budget.

Help us give these dogs some warmth and a better future! Every donator of over $ 250 will be given access to exclusive material during the rescue.

In the name of all those dogs only asking for a second chance, THANK YOU!

To help our mission and donate, you can use the following link