Offer sustainable solutions for the challenges of canine overpopulation in Indigenous communities throughout Quebec

Our Mission

Spay & Neuter Clinics

Transfer of Dogs

Transfer of Dry Food

Find out how our sterilization and vaccination clinics are helping to improve animal and public health.

We are there for them

Annual average of our interventions

6 to 8 field interventions in communities

200 dogs transferred to our network of foster families

850 dogs transferred from the communities to Chiots Nordiques or its partners

75,000 kg of dry food offered in the communities


Joane Desaulniers – Wemotaci community

I have always had the wellbeing of dogs in the community at heart. During all these years, I have seen and witnessed dogs with great suffering (…)

Kali – Adoption

On July 29, 2018, we met you for the first time. You were a cheerful little puppy with beautiful blue eyes. A visit won us over to grow this bond that was already taking hold (…)

Daniel – Capture Volunteer

My passion for dogs has been present since my birth and that’s what led me to my experience with Chiots Nordiques (…)

Offer a new life

Chiots Nordiques is a registered charity.

Number : 744056094 RR 0001

[email protected]