Adoption of dogs from Indigenous communities

Having as main mission a control at the source of the problem of canine overpopulation, the holding of sterilization clinics remains our main action. During situations requiring an emergency transfer for medical care or during transfer after the clinics, the care of these stray dogs is first done through our foster families. All dogs subsequently adopted are examined by a veterinarian, sterilized, dewormed and microchipped.


Adoptions are made via our Facebook and Les Pattes Jaunes.

Interested families are invited to fill out a preselection form. Only the selected candidates will be contacted to discuss and organize a meeting with the dog. If the meeting is fruitful for both parties, the animal leaves for its new life.

Adoption Testimonials

On July 29, 2018, we met you for the first time. You were a cheerful little puppy with beautiful blue eyes. A visit won us over to grow this bond that was already taking hold. Then the challenges came, training you to be house-trained as well as the basic commandments. I can tell you that you were very stubborn at times, but also very receptive. You like challenges! With great work and positive reinforcement, you have succeeded my dog!

Kali, we are very grateful that our paths have crossed. We are privileged to be your family thanks to the Chiots Nordiques organization. I invite you to do like us and adopt a dog from an organization. Give a second chance to these dogs that just want to be loved.

A beautiful life of challenges and love awaits you.

Marie-Pier and Jonathan

Albert was transferred urgently by plane in December 2018, following a violent dog attack which required the amputation of one of his back legs. Following his long recovery, he found his family for life in February 2019.

We adopted Bear on February 11, 2019. Bear quickly became Albert. Albert quickly adapted to his new family and to his little sister, they are now inseparable. Albert impresses us every day with perseverance and agility. No one notices that he only has three legs. He himself does not seem to be aware of it….. don’t worry, we won’t tell him. In his soul he is a great runnner, he is slowly beginning to train for CaniCross, with the blessing of our veterinarian. If you ask Albert what his favourite activity is, his answer will certainly be chasing squirrels. Even though it does not please at all to his mom, who sometimes falls on her bum as a result of it. Mister likes to fall on us as if it was normal or likes to sit on the head of the other dogs. We like it that way, he’s a big teddy bear. We sometimes apprehended adopting a 3 legged dog, but against all expectations, he is doing very well and is very sporty. He follows us everywhere in all our activities.

Thank you so much to Chiots Nordiques for saving my boy and taking the decision to amputate his leg to give him a good life. Thank you for trusting us to be Albert’s family.

Stef – Annie Toulouse

Louna was found only a few days old in February 2019 under a building on the dump site in Obedjiwan, surrounded by her mother (Nymeria) and 4 brothers and sisters. Three of whom died of cold and hunger. She suffered from frostbite on her paws. Following her weaning, she found her family for life in May 2019.

My husband and I knew that the purchase of our house, would mean bringing a little furry companion to our family. We closely followed the Chiots Nordiques organization to see their rescues and the puppies they were bringing to Quebec City. Following Louna’s (formally Sensa) story, we quickly realized that she would be perfect for our family. Our visit with her immediately confirmed it to us: her “joie de vivre”, her beauty, her energy, her recognition… make her our accomplice both at home and during our outings to the stable.

Without the dedication of volunteers, all of this would not have been possible. We thank them wholeheartedly, only 6 weeks since her arrival with us and her progress is huge, her intelligence amazes us. Almost 4 months old and already 35 pounds, she is and will be great. We would not change anything in the world as for the adoption of Louna. If it was to be done again, we will certainly start again with the Chiots Nordiques organization. These dogs amaze us day after day. Thank you a thousand times for what you do!

Maude Blais and Anthony Lessard

Chiots Nordiques is a registered charity.

Number : 744056094 RR 0001

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