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Notre équipe 100 % bénévole n’hésite pas à tout donner pour contribuer avec professionnalisme et dévouement à l’accomplissement de notre mission. Chaque bénévole partage cette volonté de se dépasser pour faire une différence pour le bien-être animal. Malgré les longues heures de route, l’accès limité aux ressources et les conditions parfois complexes, ils accomplissent un travail exceptionnel avec une efficacité redoutable.
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Technicien en santé animale, étudiant médecine vétérinaire

Témoignages bénévoles

My adventure with Chiots Nordiques started in 2012, when I was just arriving in Quebec. I wanted to broaden my horizons and improve my knowledge of Indigenous communities, while bringing help to the greatest number of dogs possible by putting my passion for animal surgery to good use.

In reality, what I acquired from this first experience was much deeper than what I expected: a whole new family of aspiring volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds, united by their enthusiasm to improve the quality of life of dogs  and therefore the wellbeing of the people around them.

I participated in nine sterilization clinics with Chiots Nordiques and I served as a veterinary representative for 7 years. Yes, I have deepened my knowledge in canine behaviour as much as in surgery, but I especially improved my skills in teamwork and problem solving. I met people whose generosity and conscientiousness dazzle me and I learned new ways to care for and show love to our furry companions. Volunteering for Chiots Nordiques has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Anita – veterinary

I had the privilege to hear about this organization during my final internship, at the end of my animal health technician course. For 5 weeks, I rubbed shoulders with an involved volunteer, who spoke about Chiots Nordiques and their mission. Having animal welfare at heart, I started to follow them on social media.  From clinic to clinic, I saw an organism evolving that corresponded perfectly to my values. So I filled out the form to participate in their June 2018 clinic in Unamen Shipu, La Romaine. I had no idea that this experience would change many things in the course of my life. I came back from this clinic with a lot of memories filled with significant moments: happy and sad. Enriching work experience as well as the confidence of those already established in Chiots Nordiques. With my training in canine behaviour and my desire to help these unlucky dogs, they offered me to become a foster family for dogs with a heavy past. Little by little, I had the chance to build bonds of trust and friendship that are dear to me, and thus join the team of board of directors. The Chiots Nordiques is far from over for me. I am proud and lucky to be part of the team of people dedicated to animal welfare who share the same values as me.

Maély – Animal Health Technician

My passion for dogs has been present since my birth and that’s what led me to my experience with Chiots Nordiques.

In the beginning, I was a foster family and I did some transport of dogs arriving by plane. Living this experience, I wondered where they came from, in what environment do they live and how were their lives before arriving here? So I took the steps to participate in sterilization clinics in Indigenous communities.

Since 2018, I have been part of the field team in the dog capture component. This position gives me the chance to meet many people in the field. This organization enormously made me grow humanly and made me realize that there is a real problem of canine overpopulation in the communities.

Chiots Nordiques is a big family in which I have the privilege to give my time to help my canine friends as much as humans. Because basically we are all part of a big family on this earth, so let’s help each other to get things done.

Thank you to the entire Chiots Nordiques team for allowing me to experience this and congratulations to all the volunteers in this world.

Daniel – Capture Volunteer

Chiots Nordiques is a registered charity.

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