Dog overpopulation in Indigenous communities still causes stray dog problems every year


Their presence has significant implications for animal welfare, animal health and public health. Given the lack of veterinary services, communities are often forced to resort to mass killings with firearms to eliminate sick, agressive or too many animals.

Chiots Nordiques, a registered charity, offers communities sustainable and ethical solutions by holding sterilization clinics to promote harmonious cohabitation. The 100% voluntary team provides professional support to examine and deworm animals in need of care.

Where We Have Been

Since 2012, the counter shows more than 4 000 sterilized dogs and nearly 4 500 dogs that have found a new home for life thanks to transfers to host families and partner shelters.

1. Kawawachikamach
2. Matimekush-Lake John
3. Chisasibi
4. Kitcisakik

5. Manawan
6. Wemotaci
7. Obedjiwan
8. Pessamit
9. Maliotenam
10. Ekuanitshit
11. Nutashkuan
12. Unamen Shipu

Chiots Nordiques is a registered charity.

Number : 744056094 RR 0001

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