Spay/Neuter Clinics

The lack of veterinary care in several Indigenous communities has consequences particularly canine overpopulation. Moreover, the endemic presence of rabies in some communities, make it essential to hold sterilization and vaccination clinics. These interventions initially respond to a need identified by local council and decision- makers. It is therefore a voluntary program, respecting the needs, customs and values of each community visited. Their precious collaboration and their active implication bring an unequivocal help to the success of our mission.

Services offered include






This care allows direct control of the canine population and significantly reduces the risks of damage and injuries present in the communities. These clinics also give a second chance to these dogs, which would die of cold, hunger or a mass shooting with firearms. These clinics need to be repeated regularly to ensure a long term positive impact. Sterilization is the only effective solution on a sustainable and ethical basis. Vaccination against rabies also remains essential in endemic regions where children are 180% more likely to be killed by a dog.


Chiots Nordiques has set up a working group in partnership with local teachers, to develop an educational component for children in elementary school as well as in high school. So far the following elements are in place, in order to make young people aware of the problem. 

  • School visits to clinics
  • Sharing of teaching materials to teachers wishing to participate

An activity book was created by  Éditions Petite Mine in partnership with Chiots Nordiques to educate elementary school children about canine behaviour.

A version in French and one in English are available for use and to send to communities. If interested, please contact us at  : [email protected]

Community testimonials

I have always had the wellbeing of dogs in the community at heart. During all these years, I have seen and witnessed dogs with great suffering: female dogs in heat moving with great difficulty with a pack of males after them, crushed puppies on the roadside, broken legs, dogs with porcupine peaks, excessive thinness of stray dogs, etc. The lack of veterinarians on site is the main cause and the fact that the dogs are not sterilized is another.

In 2013, I contacted Chiots Nordiques to find a solution to the situation. So we organized a mass sterilization clinic with the support of the Wemotaci Indigenous Community (WIC) and the Human Society. The team of veterinarians and volunteers then sterilized nearly 200 dogs (male and female). They returned twice in 2017 to sterilize as many dogs. The situation is no longer comparable to what it use to be. In addition, the people of Wemotaci are more and more aware of the care needed for their animals. However, there is still a long way to go because the needs are great.

I would like to thank Chiots Nordiques for all the help they have given to our Atikamekw community and the immense benefit it provides to the animals. I will always be grateful to you.

Joane Desaulniers – teacher in the community of Wemotaci

For the Cree community of Chisasibi, Chiots Nordiques is by far one of the factors facilitating the management of the canine population, through annual sterilization clinics. This allows us to ensure constant control over the reproductive capacity of the dogs in our community. The efficiency, professionalism and uniqueness of their services allows us to offer an essential health service to domestic animals in the village. As a result, the public safety department of the Cree Nation of Chisasibi can take a more humane avenue focused on animal welfare, which is too often neglected in other Indigenous communities on our territory.

Catherine Rhéaume-Provost – Coordinator of Chisasibi Animal Rescue and Public Safety

I got thanks today for this great work, great comments, happy people and smiles. Congratulations and I love what I do for my community too.

Angèle Napess – Ekuanitshit
Community Healthy Representative
Mashtishanitshuap Health Center


Chiots Nordiques is a registered charity.

Number : 744056094 RR 0001

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