Sponsorship program

Sponsor a dog with monthly donations

Chiots Nordiques is called upon to carry out emergency transfers sporadically according to calls made by local workers in Indigenous communities. These transfers are mainly linked to car accidents, fights between dogs and the presence of viral and bacterial infections. The costs cause unforeseen expenses for our organization which uses 100% of the donations for the care of animals mainly during clinic interventions. It is therefore, additional expenses, but which allow these wonderful 3 or 4 legged furry friends to have a more than deserved second chance!

Monthly Donations

You want exclusive content every month and you want to provide help at the same time for the recovery of our little fighters. We invite you to sponsor one of our dogs.

Thus, you participate concretely for each animal sponsored: 

  • Emergency veterinary care
  • Subsequent veterinary follow-ups
  • Medication
  • Food

You will receive every month new videos, photos and stories via email. The animals will then be put up for adoption according to the same rigorous process that we have developed and the sponsorship gives no priority over a potential adoption.

Thank you for helping us provide them with the life they so deserve.

No dogs to sponsor

Chiots Nordiques is a registered charity.

Number : 744056094 RR 0001

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